Wednesday 9 June 2021

Transformers - G1 Cartoon-Style

The Transformers was my first professional comics work, producing artwork for Panini Comics' Transformers: Armada, which led to working on the 2003 Metrodome DVD UK release of the original 1980s Transformers cartoon. As someone who collected the toys and loved the Marvel Comic, it was a huge thrill to get to draw those Robots in disguise. 

Recently, I produced several pieces of artwork paying homage to that classic show which proved to be very popular online. Here are some of those pieces, which include a piece based on a Powermaster Optimus Prime vs Hulk fan strip I drew when I was 14 years old (I'm going to have to find that and post it on here sometime!), plus how I imagine that Transformers-hunting Freelance Peacekeeping Agent Death's Head to have looked if he'd have appeared in the cartoon. 

I'm hoping to include these pieces in a limited run Art of Simon Williams sketchbook/art book in the near future... so keep watching this space for more details, yes?