Tuesday 30 March 2010

Bad Blood... the Vampire Saga has a name at last

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been working on my Vampire Saga story (which will be named BAD BLOOD: A VAMPIRE PROPHECY) for quite awhile now.... I first came up with the idea as a 14 year old who had been inspired by the Stephen King classic Salem's Lot, specifically the 1977 TV adaption starting David Soul and James Mason. My story has changed a lot since then, but elements from the story as written back in 1999/2000 will still be very prominent in the version that will see print. Here are some pages that I drew back then. The first one is something I'm still very proud of to this day, and hope to use somewhere in the final version. The second image is possibly the style of artwork I'll be going for... a watercolour wash, to separate it from my usual, old-school style superhero artwork. And the third, is a character design sketch for the master vampire. As it is though, I'll be doing something totally different for the main big-evil. Something totally different from any vampire ever seen before.....

The fourth image is a more recent piece featuring one of the lead-characters (the same character featured in the first piece of artwork). And believe me, this guy would eat both Team Edward and Jacob for breakfast...

Fingers crossed I'll have more to show and tell soon......

One of the main characters in

An old page of artwork, from a previous version of the story.
Drawn around 1999-2000.
Character design sketch for the main, master vampire.


BAD BLOOD: A VAMPIRE PROPHECY and all related characters are ™ and © 2012 Simon Williams. Do not use without permission.

Monday 29 March 2010

He's a cool exec with a heart of steel.....

I've just finished an Iron Man comic strip for Panini Comic's Marvel Heroes, which will appear in issue 23. This isn't my first time around drawing ol' Shellhead... I drew a couple of team-up issues featuring Iron Man teaming up with a certain wall-crawler in Panini's Spectacular Spider-man Adventures, and he's always been a particular favourite of mine to draw. However, aside from a spot illo a couple of years ago, this is the first time I've drawn him in the modern armour... which was hard to get the hang off at first (having been used to drawing the classic armour), but great fun once I got into it. Again, this story (written by James Peaty) will appear in issue 23 of Marvel Heroes, which I believe is out in a few months time.

No previews at the moment (until it sees print anyways), but here's a page from one of the Spider-man team-ups I drew... featuring Shellhead in all of his classic glory. Inks by Simon Ecob.

Friday 19 March 2010

I bid you... welcome, to my home.....

And for my first post here, I thought I'd show you a character sketch from my upcoming creator-owned project, working title: Vampire Saga.

With the recent surge of Vampire related films, comics, TV series etc.. you may ask what will my upcoming Vampire project have that others do not?
Let's just say that I'm going to do my very best to make this one of the greatest character-driven horror stories in recent history. Wait and see... you'll see stuff in this you've NEVER seen before.

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.....

Artwork and character © 2009 Simon Williams.