Friday 28 April 2017

Hulk vs Wolverine

I've been drawing up sketches for tomorrow's Geekedfest, of which I'm a guest (more infomation here). This sketch is one that I had an idea for recently: my own sketch homage to possibly one of the most homaged covers in comics, Todd McFarlane's epic cover for INCREDIBLE HULK issue 340, in which the Grey Hulk has one of his most brutal battles with the X-Men's Wolverine. My sketch idea was for a Hugh Jackman movie-style Wolverine against a movie-style Hulk, although I'll admit my Hulk has turned out to be more comic-book like! After finishing the sketch, I decided to colour up a digital version, which I'm presenting here. The original sketch (with free Funko Pop Hulk figure!!!) will be on sale tomorrow at the Geekedfest event, which is held at the University of Wales Trinity St David, Townhill Campus (where I studied back in the day!). So be sure to pop by my table, say hi and maybe grab a sketch!

Hope to see you there!

Artwork by Simon Williams, based on Todd McFarlane's original cover to
The original artwork, which will be on sale at tomorrow's Geekedfest.

McFarlane Grey Hulk

I found a turn-around style guide of the Grey Hulk drawn by Todd McFarlane (who along with writer Peter David, took the Hulk in a new and exciting direction in the late 1980s). I've always been fascinated by Todd's version of the Hulk. It was such a departure from any other version seen before due to his unique style, and far from the traditional classic style Hulk that I loved, as drawn by (in my opinion) definitive Hulk artist Sal Buscema... and yet, I loved it! His Hulk captured the nasty, dark side of the character perfectly. This definitely wasn't the old Green Hulk that loved puppy dogs, Bambi, and baked beans!
Anyway, I decided to practice my digital inking last night... and this is what I come up with. Despite our styles being worlds apart, it was fun inking this! I hope you like it.

Inked using Manga Studio 4, and coloured in Photoshop.
Todd's original artwork. Love this version of the Grey Hulk!
A previous attempt at inking Todd's artwork. You can read more about that here.

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Hulk vs Thing

If you type in "Hulk vs Thing" in Google, one of the first images to show up is a panel from SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN ADVENTURES (UK) issue 100, where I achieved my life-long dream of drawing ol' Jade Jaws fighting Aunt Petunia's favourite ever lovin' blue eyed nephew... something I'll admit I'm really proud of! Legendary comic artists such as Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Jim Starlin, George Perez and the late great Bernie Wrightson have drawn a classic Hulk vs Thing battle, and while my work is nowhere near in their league, I'm proud to have been able to follow in their titanic steps! So I had the idea today to do a homage to John Buscema's iconic cover to FANTASTIC FOUR issue 112, using my artwork from Spec Spidey 100.

Hope you like it!

Hulk vs Thing... 'Nuff said!

The original panel from SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN ADVENTURES #100
(published by Panini Comics). Pencils by Simon Williams, Inks by Simon Ecob.
Colours by Maria Keene.

Thursday 13 April 2017

NOT Death's Head, yes?

"DON'T call me a Bounty Hunter..."

Last year, the talented folks at Mastermind Creations released a 3rd Party Transformers figure named ANUBIS, a Freelance Peacekeeper who has more than a passing resemblance to a certain other Freelance Peacekeeping Agent who appeared in the 80's Marvel UK TRANSFORMERS comic (possible relation, yes?), which is also a character I have been known to draw in the past. This awesome figure included a comic book written by Hector Sigma and Marty McPrime, with artwork by the art team of Art Anderson and colourist Rick Lensflare. Now, despite the fact that Art's work is very similar to a certain soul-powered comic artist, I can neither confirm nor deny any rumours of us being one and the same. However, I can say that any similarities between the work of Art Anderson and myself are purely intentional...

You can read the strip here at my DeviantART page. I hope you enjoy, yes?