Friday 28 April 2017

McFarlane Grey Hulk

I found a turn-around style guide of the Grey Hulk drawn by Todd McFarlane (who along with writer Peter David, took the Hulk in a new and exciting direction in the late 1980s). I've always been fascinated by Todd's version of the Hulk. It was such a departure from any other version seen before due to his unique style, and far from the traditional classic style Hulk that I loved, as drawn by (in my opinion) definitive Hulk artist Sal Buscema... and yet, I loved it! His Hulk captured the nasty, dark side of the character perfectly. This definitely wasn't the old Green Hulk that loved puppy dogs, Bambi, and baked beans!
Anyway, I decided to practice my digital inking last night... and this is what I come up with. Despite our styles being worlds apart, it was fun inking this! I hope you like it.

Inked using Manga Studio 4, and coloured in Photoshop.
Todd's original artwork. Love this version of the Grey Hulk!
A previous attempt at inking Todd's artwork. You can read more about that here.