Thursday 13 April 2017

NOT Death's Head, yes?

"DON'T call me a Bounty Hunter..."

Last year, the talented folks at Mastermind Creations released a 3rd Party Transformers figure named ANUBIS, a Freelance Peacekeeper who has more than a passing resemblance to a certain other Freelance Peacekeeping Agent who appeared in the 80's Marvel UK TRANSFORMERS comic (possible relation, yes?), which is also a character I have been known to draw in the past. This awesome figure included a comic book written by Hector Sigma and Marty McPrime, with artwork by the art team of Art Anderson and colourist Rick Lensflare. Now, despite the fact that Art's work is very similar to a certain soul-powered comic artist, I can neither confirm nor deny any rumours of us being one and the same. However, I can say that any similarities between the work of Art Anderson and myself are purely intentional...

You can read the strip here at my DeviantART page. I hope you enjoy, yes?