Sunday 17 June 2018

Leakin' Lubricants!

Here's one of my favourite Transformers... Generation One Ironhide, drawn in the style of the classic Transformers Universe handbook from Marvel. A big part of my love for this character has to be the voice he had in the G1 cartoon (portrayed by Optimus Prime himself, Peter Cullen)!

Alt Modes by Ian Akin and Brian Garvey from the Official Transformers Universe handbook.

"That's right, Spike... for once it ain't the Hulk!"

"Hulk loves Bambi!"

Now here's a blast from the past! I drew these pages way back in 1998 while studying at university... twenty years ago! These were inked completely with a fine Windsor and Newton brush in Indian Ink, and coloured using watercolours. I decided to re-letter these in Photoshop (due to my awful hand lettering at the time!). I hope you enjoy this classic Hulk from yours truly!

Hulk vs Thing... Updated!

In a follow up to my Hulk vs. Thing post (where I proudly brag talk about how my artwork is the first thing that shows up if you type "Hulk vs Thing" into Google... something that still blows my mind considering the legends that have drawn ol' Greenskin fighting bashful Benjy!), I decided to redraw and ink that panel from Spectacular Spider-man Adventures issue 100 ( the original was inked by Simon Ecob). Here it is... hope you Gamma-powered Hulksters and Yancy Street gang yahoos like it!

In the mighty Marvel tradition... the ever lovin'
idol of Yancy Street versus the Green Goliath!
Art and colours by Simon Williams. 

The original panel from Spectacular Spider-man
#100. Pencils by Simon Williams, inks by Simon
Ecob and colours by Maria Keene.