Saturday 26 June 2021

Doomlord Returns! (Kind of)

I thought I would share this I did awhile back... It's different to what I usually post, but I had a lot of fun making this!  

Here's a retro-style Doomlord page, based on the popular photo-strips featured in the 80's version of EAGLE starring the titular alien. Both the Eagle comic and Doomlord  were huge favourites of mine back in the day, so couldn't resist doing this retro-style strip, just for fun! The Doomlord in these pics was created a little differently to how they made the strips back then (using actors for the Photo Strips, and artists Heinzl and Eric Bradbury later taking over the art chores when the strip transitioned into a tradional drawn comic strip). They were actually created (along with a certain Freddy Krueger!) using the create-a-superstar feature in WWE 2K20 on PS4! To my knowledge, this is also the first and only time Enok, Son of Doomlord has been represented in "Photo" form (Yep, I'm getting Kurt Barlow/Salem's Lot vibes from him as well...which is only fitting as the final Doomlord strip ended with Enok becoming a space-vampire!). 

Battle of the 80's Horror/Sci-fi Icons!