Thursday 28 August 2014

The Savage Sword Of SKAAR, Son Of HULK!

This is a tribute piece I've had in mind for quite a while now. I've always loved John Buscema and Ernie Chan's cover artwork to the Marvel Treasury Edition #15, featuring Conan the Barbarian. I thought I would pay homage to it using a character I have never drawn before... the savage son of the Incredible Hulk, Skaar! I would love to see a Skaar comic book, where he is back in the barbarian times on Earth... just imagine if back in the day Roy Thomas, John (or Sal!) Buscema and Ernie Chan had have worked on this book! I hope this piece gives you a feeling of how that might have been.

Also, today would have been the 97th birthday of the one and only King of Comics, Jack Kirby. I would like to dedicate this piece to Jack as well... as his artistic influence is something that I will always be grateful for. Long live the King!

My homage to Marvel Treasury Edition #15, featuring CONAN THE BARBARIAN.
Below... my original inks, and also the original cover by John Buscema and Ernie Chan.