Sunday 17 August 2014

Robitz in Disguise...

Check me out, twice in one day! Told you I had some more artwork to show off... this time, it's featuring something that is very near and dear to me, the wonderful world of the Transformers. I'm a big fan of those robots in disguise... everything from the toys, cartoons, comics... especially the ones published by Marvel during the 1980s. Here are a selection of recent pieces I have done, in the retro-style that I've become known for... inspired in parts by the work of Jack "King" Kirby (way before IDW started publishing their new Transformers vs GI Joe comic), and also the classic Marvel TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE handbook.

I hope you enjoy them... until next time, this is Stubbie Williams signing off! (and a Marvel UK no-prize goes to the first person who can explain that reference!!!)

Artwork by Simon Williams.