Monday 25 August 2014

Custom Death's Heads and TV Hulks!

Earlier this year, I decided to get back into one of my favourite hobbies... customising Action Figures. I have always wanted a Death's Head figure (which Marvel have now released an official figure of), plus an action figure featuring the TV version of the Incredible Hulk, as portrayed by Lou Ferrigno. I decided to make the original Death's Head, and also Death's Head II, which is based off Liam Sharp's incredible artwork. The original Death's Head is made from a Marvel Legends Thor Buster Iron Man, and Death's Head II is made from a Marvel Legends Colossus figure.

The original, yes? Made using a modified Marvel Legends Thor Buster Iron Man figure,

"Awww, don't worry. We're buddies now!" Death's Head II.

As for the TV Hulk, I made two different Hulk figures: my original attempt was a modified Marvel Select Ultimate Hulk, and the other is a modified Marvel Legends Avengers Movie Hulk... all with fully sculpted heads by yours truly.

TV Hulk... original version. Made from a Marvel Select Ultimate Hulk... while
I am still pleased with how this turned out, I wanted to do a more TV accurate
figure, as this one has the comic Hulk's physique and proportions.

This is the newer version, made using a Marvel Legends Avengers Movie Hulk. Just don't
make him angry... you wouldn't like him when he's angry!