Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Official Death's Head of the Marvel Universe

Continuing the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Marvel's very own Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Death's Head, I decided to put together this unofficial entry for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe... in a style which fits with the 80's version of the book (which Death's Head was never featured, to my knowledge). The text is from the Death's Head entry* on the Marvel Wikia site, and the artwork is from Panini's Death's Head Collection, Volume One (pencils by me, inks by David Roach.)

* If you wrote the text featured on the Wikia page, let me know and I'll credit you, yes?

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Luke Toyer said...

Thanks for this! Death's Head remains my absolute favourite comic book character for 30 odd years.

I moaned at the guys at Comixology the other day because DH2 seems to be popping up, but no love for the original and best incarnation.

The person I spoke to said he was gutted they didn't have DH in their library of titles.

He is a legend though, and has stood the test of time! ;-)