Friday 14 July 2017

Happy 30th Anniversary Death's head!

Transformers #113, Death's
Head's debut appearance.
Cover by Geoff Senior.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of one of the greatest UK comic characters of all-time, Death's Head! Created by writer Simon Furman and artist Geoff Senior, Death's Head made his debut appearance in Marvel UK's Transformers issue 113. Since then, he has appeared in many different forms and incarnations... but it is the original that has endured in the hearts of fans. Here is a piece of artwork I've produced, which is a homage to Geoff Senior's cover to TF 113. 
On a personal note, it's been a dream come true as a long time fan turned professional comic artist to have been able to contribute to the history of Death's Head, even if in just a small way. So I'd like to say a huge "Thank you" to Stubbies Furman and Senior for giving us such a memorable character... I have a feeling this Freelance peacekeeping Agent will be in business for many years to come!

Artwork by Stubbie Williams, yes?