Monday, 2 January 2012

The Hulk, Death's Head... and the Doctor?!

Here are a couple of pages from my SOULMAN INC SKETCHBOOK, which featured my original comic strip battle between the Incredible Hulk and Death's Head, as well as a collection of sketches and artwork from yours truly. I had a tremendous amount of fun writing and drawing this strip (which originally started off as a couple of pages posted up onto my deviant art page and took a life of it's own shortly after... even leading to an official strip, featured in last years MARVEL HEROES.)... I wanted the book as a whole to be a tribute to the 1970's Marvel UK comics, hence the black and white halftone shading. Since it's pretty much no secret who the third character of the story is now (since the sketchbook has been reviewed several times online), I thought I'd share these pages for you all to see. This is the first time these pages have been shown online... the first being exclusive to this blog:

I'd love to see this strip coloured up sometime... maybe for a second printing. Meantime, hope you like this piece of retro-comic goodness... and if you're all good, I may post another page up for you to check out sometime soon...

The cover to the above comic strip... cover inks by comics legend Joe Rubinstein.


Vicente Cardoso said...

FANTASTIC!!! Unexpected and awesome crossover!

Anonymous said...

great stuff, loving your version of the hulk im going to be attending the cardiff comic convention this year hoping i can get the oppertunity to get a sketch by you.

i was wondering when you do work for panini comics do you do any colour yourself or do they set up some one to colour your work?

Simon Williams said...

Vicente.. thank you! Had a lot of fun putting these characters together!

Dylan... thanks for the very kind words, and BIG apologies for the late reply! To answer your question, when I worked for Panini, my art was always coloured by someone else... usually by the amazingly talented Jason Cardy. You can check out Jason's work here.