Saturday 12 November 2011

The Amazing, Sensational, Spectacular SPIDER-MAN!

During my comic art career, I've been known not only to draw big, green (and sometimes grey) skinned Goliath's, but also a certain web-slinging wonder as well! I was just looking through some of the DVD artwork I produced for Clear Vision's line of Marvel Comics DVDs, and thought I'd present them here.

These are covers that were produced for the 90's Spidey cartoon show DVDs. I know I've posted a couple of these before.. but here they are unabridged, without logos etc (and as I originally intended them to be... before C.V's in-house designers altered the characters around to the covers.) I really enjoyed working on these, as I got to work with legendary Marvel artist/inker (and all-time favourite of mine) Joe Rubinstein... as well as my Auto Assembly bro-in-arms Liam Shalloo. I also went on to work with Liam on covers for the 60's Spider-man show. I may post these sometime in the near future.

Hope you enjoy these covers as much as I enjoyed drawing them.

Venom! I really love drawing this character.
Inks by Joe Rubinstein
Spidey versus the Goblins! Inks by Joe Rubinstein
Black Cat! Inks by Joe Rubinstein
Doctor Doom... I was asked by Clear Vision to draw these
covers in layers, so they could animate them for the DVD
menus (the name of the layer for Doom's swoosh effect is called
'Swoosh'. Honest!). To cut costs, they asked me to re-use the
 background from the Black Cat pic. Inks by Joe Rubinstein
Inks by me this time... with colours by Liam Shalloo.
I coloured the others myself.. but you can see the
difference it makes when you get a colour artist to
colour your work. Liam did an outstanding job on