Monday 28 February 2011

Newsarama interview, yes?

Check out this Newsarama interview with Simon Furman and yours truly... where we talk about the upcoming Incredible Hulk/Death's Head story which will appear in the upcoming issue of Marvel Heroes (issue 33... available March 24th from all good UK Newsagents).
It's great that this strip is making news... fan feedback has literally been incredible, and I want to thank everyone for all the kind words and support. At this past weekends Cardiff International Comic Expo (which I will discuss in an upcoming post), Death's Head was shown a LOT of love... I spent most of the day drawing sketches of the freelance peacekeeping agent for fans!

Death's Head sketch - drawn this past weekend at the
Cardiff Comic Expo for my good friend Patrick Montgomery.

Getting to draw this strip is a dream come true. As a fan of both characters, it's a story I always wanted to see, but never dreamt would ever happen... much less get to draw. But it's nearly here folks...

Death's Head is back, yes?

And the Hulk going to be there as well......