Sunday 2 September 2012


Who remembers this Hulk? It’s the mindless version of the Hulk, as featured in Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema’s classic run on the Incredible Hulk (circa issues 299-313). After having finally gained control of the Hulk, Bruce Banner had finally found happiness and acceptance from the World at large... even getting pardoned from the Hulk's rampages by the President of the United States. However, this was not to last... as the demonic dream demon Nightmare caused the savage Hulk persona to awaken, causing Bruce Banner to lose control of the creature. Rather than sharing his existence with the savage Hulk persona again, Banner decided to commit “psychic suicide”…. leaving this truly, mindless Hulk who debuted in INCREDIBLE HULK #299, and was banished by Dr. Strange to the Crossroads of dimensions in issue 300.

The Mindless Hulk... drawn in Manga Studio.