Wednesday 6 June 2012

Little Hulk STRONG!!!!!

Check this out... a wonderful drawing done for me by my dear friend Kat Nicholson:

"One..... erm, three? Grrrrrrr.... Hulk can't COUNT!"
Artwork by Kat Nicholson.
Not only have I been fortunate to have had most of my professional artwork coloured by the extremely talented Kat, along with her partner in crime Jason Cardy, but most importantly I am honoured and blessed to be able to call them both my dearest and closest friends (along with their lovely new pet rabbit, Digby... my little man-man!). Both are currently working on Panini's THUNDERCATS comic... which is available from all UK newsagents now. Check it out.... you won't be disappointed!

You can check out Kat's DeviantArt page here.