Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Retro Tales Issue 1 - it's HERE!!!

Yours truly is going to be a guest at this weekend's Cardiff Film and Comic Con at the Motorpoint Arena... where I will be very proud to debut the fantastic first issue of RETRO TALES! Yes, it's finally happening! Prepare to meet the world's Funkiest Superheroes, as only the House of no ideas can bring you! Super-Trouper, Dancing Queen, Afro-Man and Randy Hogan - the DISCOTRONIC FUNK COMMANDOS! Yes, 21 years in the making, and the Funk Commandos finally make their dynamic debut! Plus - making his first ever appearance in action, the legendary Knight in Pink Satin... the YMCAGENT! Yes, the Camp Crusader is also making his flamboyant debut, and has already proved to be a hit with fans who have seen him online! Be sure to pick up your copy this weekend... and for those of you who can't make the sure, worry not. Your Sizzling artist is working feverishly here at Stately Soul Manor on ways to make it available to you all! Watch this space for more news! 

™ & © 2017 Simon Williams.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Attack Eyebrows - Part 2

Here is another sketch of my favourite Doctor Who, the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi. The original sketch was drawn in Pencil and ink, and coloured in Photoshop with a digitally created montage background.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Official Death's Head of the Marvel Universe

Continuing the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Marvel's very own Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Death's Head, I decided to put together this unofficial entry for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe... in a style which fits with the 80's version of the book (which Death's Head was never featured, to my knowledge). The text is from the Death's Head entry* on the Marvel Wikia site, and the artwork is from Panini's Death's Head Collection, Volume One (pencils by me, inks by David Roach.)

* If you wrote the text featured on the Wikia page, let me know and I'll credit you, yes?