Monday, 17 April 2017

Kenny StarMaker Bolin

It's no secret that I'm a long-time wrestling fan... particularly the old-school style of wrestling from the good old days of the National Wrestling Alliance, as opposed to the current Sports Entertainment product of the WWE (which I do still enjoy). Recently I have had the honour of chatting online with the legendary (and now Twitter Verifed!) Kenny StarMaker Bolin.  Kenny is a former pro-wrestling manager and commentator... who during his 20 year plus career worked for WWE's developmental promotion Ohio Valley Wrestling alongside his long-time best friend Jim Cornette (recently seen inducting the Rock N' Roll Express in the 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame!). During his OVW days, the StarMaker managed some of the promotions fastest-rising stars... including names such as Mike Mizanin (aka the Miz!), Rico Constantino, Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore, Mark Henry and also some chap by the name of John Cena! Since then, the King of Managers has written a book based on his Wrestling career called I Probably Screwed You Too: The Mostly True Stories of Kenny "Starmaker" Bolin, and is the host of the Bolin Alley podcast (which you can find on iTunes).
Since chatting with the Star Maker on Twitter, Kenny commissioned me to do a piece of artwork for him, which I'm presenting here. I hope you like it... I had fun drawing this one, and the Star Maker is pretty damn pleased with it as well! I'd like to thank Kenny for the kind words regarding my artwork... be sure to give him a follow on Twitter, and definitely check out the Bolin Alley podcast!

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